Peyronie’s Disease- What You Need to Know?

Peyronie’s Disease- What You Need to Know?

Peyronie’s Disease is scarring of outer tissue of penis caused by minor injury. Scarring process goes beyond the normal healing process and causes palpable plaques over the penis. You can palpate the plaque just below the penile skin. Generally penile trauma is caused during sexual intercourse or could be caused by accident.

Predisposing Factors:
There is some high risk people whom chances of peyronies disease is more than other subjects. These include:
Connective tissue disorder like Dupuytren’s contractures or tympanosclerosis
Dibetes Mellitus
Pelvic trauma

There are two phases of PD- acute and chronic.

Acute phase lasts for 12 to 18 months. During this phase there is pain in penis especially during erection. Pain may be there in flaccid state also. Plaque generally grows in size during acute phase.
In chronic phase, plaque stops growing further and it stabilizes. With that pain also disappears. There may be curvature in penis due to plaque.

When you consult your doctor?

If you have penile curvature, penile pain or you can feel some lump on penis then you should consult your Urologist. Diagnosis of PD is mainly done on physical examination only.


You need treatment only if there is penile curvature which interferes with sexual activity or you are having penile pain. Else generally treatment is not required. There are many oral drugs which help in stabilizing the disease process – tamoxifen, vitamin E, Potassium amino benzoate, colchicines, carnitine. There are many injectable medicines also which helps in making you symptom free.

Surgery is only required in case of penile curvature. If the degree of curvature is that much that proper sexual intercourse becomes difficult, then you should go ahead with surgical option. The aim of the surgery is to make penis as straight as possible. PD also can cause erectile dysfunction.